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F-1100 Universal - with new high speed feeder

Window Patching Machine for Cardboard Packaging
- the allround machine, always a clear view

Innovative technology combined with proven engineering offer the best in productivity and efficiency. Low investment costs and high processing performance guarantee future success. These principles guide the design of our window patching machines.

Key Features

  • Short set-up times thanks to computer-aided setting assistance
  • Direct drive on film infeed and cutting cylinder for shortest setting times
  • Various feeder concepts; option of stack or belt lifter system
  • Automatic setting of feeding length of the carton
  • Multi-purpose options available




The single roller glue unit is fully retractable and ensures clean production. Optimum processing due to small glue surface. Very little residue to be disposed of when the work is finished.



Large cylinder diameters and compatible machine components guarantee high machine performance. Numerous sensors for quality assurance reduce downtimes and prevent interruptions in downstream process stages.



Whether you require a simple window on a standard blank or a more complicated "pick & place" process on high-quality board: Our design allows the use of all additional equipment, either installed in our factory or retrofitted at a later point in time.



Data input with a graphics-capable display, PLC control to monitor the machine's functions and servo motor drives to reduce set-up time guarantee effective work and are therefore fixed components in the machine.

Window styles

Normal window
Continuous perforation
Intermittent length slitting
Form slitting additional option „Rotary profile knife station“
Pre-printed foil
Inner lining
Sealed inner tube additional option „Tube forming station“
Bag-in-the-box coming from the reel or as a blank
Carrier handle and/or tear strip
Scoring with punch-out coming from the reel additional option „Punching & Scoring unit“
Scoring with punch-out
Inner partition placement


Technical Specifications

Adjustment range,
single stream operation

   min. max.
Blank length mm 100 1020
in 15/16 1/8
Blank width mm 80 1120
in 1/8 44 1/8
Film length mm 50 720
in 15/16 28 5/16
Film width mm 30 840
in 3/16 33 1/16


Total power consumption 19 kW

Adjustment range,
double stream operation

Blank width mm 545
  in 21 1/4
Film width depending on blank position

Output figures

when using belt lifter system 1-stream
max. pcs/min.
max. pcs/min.
1-up operation,
blanks over 475 mm (>18.7'')
200 400
2-up operation,
blanks under 475 mm (<18.7'')
400 800
3-up operation (optional),
blanks under 320 mm (<12.6'')
600 1200


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