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Tube Forming Station

Key Features

The station is for forming and heat-sealing of compound material presented as a open web from the reel with sealable coating, designed for installation on top of the following window patching and lining machines model F-1000 ClassicF-1100 and F-1400 UniversalF-1120 and F-1440 Servo.

Description and scope of supply
The station works as follows:
Unwind of the open web material - passage through the web-path control (option),
forming of the tube by means of special metal blade (2 sizes do belong to the scope of supply) - hot sealing - folding of the seam – pressing of the whole tube – delivery to main machine

Technical Specifications

Tube length: 80 mm min. - 420 mm max. (model F-1000)
80 mm min. - 620 mm max. (modell F-1100/1400)
80 mm min. - 740 mm max. (model F-1120/1440)
Tube width: 60 mm min. - 300 mm max.
Other dimensions on request.
Weight of tube material: 60 g/m2 min. - 110 g/m2 max.
Reel inner diameter: 75 mm or 150 mm
Reel outer diameter: max. 500 mm mm in case of integral unwind
max. 1.000 mm in case of separate unwind
Tolerances of tube material to blank: +/- 1,0 mm
Lateral tolerance of tube material to blank: +/- 1,0 mm
Tolerance regarding cut-off lengths of the tube: +/- 0,5 mm

Speed (mechanical possible):

For Classic type F-1000
blank length over 330 mm: up to 125 pcs./min
blank length below 330mm: up to 250 pcs./min
For Universal type F-1100, F-1400
blank length over 475 mm: up to 150 pcs./min.
blank length under 475 mm: up to 300 pcs./min.
blank length under 320mm: up to 450 pcs./min.
For Servo type F-800, F-1120, F-1440
blank length over 610 mm: up to 150 pcs./min.
blank length under 610 mm: up to 300 pcs./min.
blank length under 385 mm: up to 450 pcs./min.
blank length under 270mm: depending on the material


or max. 80 – 100m/min liner speed



The above mention figures are to be understood as maximum values. They are conditional on blank shape as well as quality and substance of materials used.
To find out practical speeds a test run should be carried out. More than one extreme value should not occur in one blank.

Weight: approx. 450 kg net / approx. 700 kg gross

Total power requirements: 2,5 kW

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