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Window Sealing Machine
Gable-top Cartons and Brick-Packagings with Liquid-proof Windows

Put your product at the centre of attention – with packaging which offers so much more

  • Visible window
  • Reliable sealing
  • Centre of attention
  • Informative level indicator
  • Liquid and dry food
  • What else can you think of



Immediately Visible Brick-Packaging!

Immediately Visible Brick-Packaging!

A real innovation: Gable-top Cartons and Brick-Packaging with Windows. Instead of glueing, the packaging is simply sealed – absolutely tight and reliable. The result is literally something worth looking at. Your product is immediately visible and makes its presence felt at a glance.

Almost any packaging can be improved in this way, so that the most important item catches the eye – your product. Now can there be a better selling point than the product itself?


At the Centre of Attention

You can hardly present your product in a form which captures more attention or is more strongly focussed. A particularly practical feature is the reliable level indicator of the volume indicator. This makes many products even more attractive.

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