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CD/DVD-Tray Gluing Machine
- compact and operable by one person only



CD/DVD-trays exactly in place

CD/DVD-trays exactly in place

The MiniPlace machine was developed in order to stick CD-/DVD-trays on the inside of CD-/DVD-sleeves. In only one work procedure can be processed up to three trays at the same time.


The complete machine comprises of

  • iron framework for stabitity,
  • timed belt feeder,
  • hot gluing system with 12 heads,
  • tray-placing system,
  • index timed feeder.

Kohmann machines: well done!

Kohmann machines: well done!

The timed belt feeder can process 3 carton blanks in one step.

  • up to three trays
  • single stream operation
  • booklet-feeder optional
  • electronically timed feeding
  • high precision, easy adjustable
  • can process up to 5.000 products/hour

Easy operation and maintenance through one person only!

Easy operation and maintenance through one person only!

The hot gluing system is kept separately from the main system. Thus maintenance and error tracing can take place simply and easy.

The gluing control system is placed easily attainable apart the machine contol. The glue containers are placed above the supply station. The gluing system can be easily and manually adjusted to the size of the cardboards.


Placing and fixing of CD/DVD-trays

Placing and fixing of CD/DVD-trays

The guides of the travelling system transport the cardboard from the supply station to behind the gluing station. The guides now push the CD/DVD-trays onto the glued cardboard. The trays are now pressed onto the cardboard by means of a role.

The complete CD/DVD-sleeves are now transported to the delivery system, where they can be packed as stacks or shingle.

During the machine construction the following advantages were particularly considered:

  • easy adjustable
  • short set-up times
  • easy operation

These advantages lead to clearly larger cost savings in the daily use, than machines of other manufacturers do.

... plus: It's a Kohmann!

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