Made in Germany since 1962

Second hand machines

Current list of pre-owned Kohmann machines
Kohmann: fully functional

Machine Feeder type Year of manufacture Available condition Location Pictures
F-1120/2 Timed belt feeder 2009 cleaned and checked
F-1100/1 Timed belt feeeder 2004 cleaned and checked F-1100/1
PrintChecker 600 Belt feeder 2010 Trier PrintChecker 600
BrailleStar 2017 cleaned and checked Mettmann BrailleStar

Kohmann re-conditioning procedure

  • Machine stripped down to side frame
  • All bearings removed
  • All shafts checked and rectified, if required
  • All cylinders taken apart, cleaned and checked, if required rectified
  • All new wiring
  • Update of electrical installation
  • Re-installation of electrical cabinet
  • All tubes and hoses replaced
  • Vacuum pumps and filters cleaned and checked
  • Guards cleaned and checked
  • Side frames cleaned and checked, if required repaired
  • Painting of side frames
  • Blackening of all parts
  • New chains and belts
  • Completion of missing parts
  • Rubber rollers cleaned and checked, if required exchange
  • Documentation check
  • Assembling of whole machine according to the standard of new machines
  • Test run and quality control with products

Kohmann cleaning procedure

  • Function check
  • General surface cleaning of all cylinders
  • Check of all air piping and valves and cleaning, if required
  • Repair of defects
  • Operation test with carton blanks, film and glue